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Why do we choose to get a research PhD? Why do we choose this life?  Sometimes I really wish I would have listened to my mother and just went to Med School and became a practicing doctor.  But, Alas – here I am finishing my doctorate in Archaeology – 12 years in and wondering why.  So, here is a blog cropped-Daily-Academiclogo2-01.pngabout that will strive to address the – who, what, when, where, why, and how of of life in the academy.  But, what I really am most interested in are the grays in a world that is often presented in black and white – you know the space between the the double space. So aside from the tips and quips, advice and reviews, comments and criticisms, I will strive to write explications in an effort to illuminate and explore the cracks and crevices of the pillars we all so admire (presented as short essays – be they satires, biographical, or journalistic).  I welcome all those in academia –  peers, superiors, students, administrators, etc. – to comment, join my newsletter, and join the Daily Academic as a contributing or reviewing member.   If you would like to request the newsletter (which will have it’s first circulation next month) or becoming a reviewer or contributor, please email me at shelby@dailyacademic.net.

If you want some more information or have any direct comments or suggestions please email info@dailyacademic.net

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