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This where academics can find news, information, consumer reports, and more.  I started this blog because I was constantly search the web for information that related to me, a Doctoral student and researcher at Arizona State University.   Then I thought, why not share it with others in our world.  I hope you find all that your looking for!  If you have any comments, suggestions, would like to become a reviewer or writer, have a topic you would like us to review or write, or just want to say hi – leave a comment or email us at   Follow the news on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,, and all the rest of the popular social media sites!  Browse around, and when your done we hope to see you back soon – Shelby


Daily Academic Books


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Why do we choose to get a research PhD? Why do we choose this life?  Sometimes I really wish I would have listened to my mother and just went to Med School and became a practicing doctor.  But, Alas – here I am finishing my doctorate in Archaeology – 12 years in and wondering why.  So, here is a blog cropped-Daily-Academiclogo2-01.pngabout that will strive to address the – who, what, when, where, why, and how of of life in the academy.  But, what I really am most interested in are the grays in a world that is often presented in black and white – you know the space between the the double space. So aside from the tips and quips, advice and reviews, comments and criticisms, I will strive to write explications in an effort to illuminate and explore the cracks and crevices of the pillars we all so admire (presented as short essays – be they satires, biographical, or journalistic).  I welcome all those in academia –  peers, superiors, students, administrators, etc. – to comment, join my newsletter, and join the Daily Academic as a contributing or reviewing member.   If you would like to request the newsletter (which will have it’s first circulation next month) or becoming a reviewer or contributor, please email me at

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