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Join the 29 Step Challenge: Finish Your Dissertation in 1,078 Hours or Less!

The Journey Before You:  29 Steps!

Outlined in  

Foss, Sonja K., and William Waters.
 Destination Dissertation:A Traveler’s Guide to a Done Dissertation. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2007.

So,  I have, most often in moments that are nestled somewhere in between panic and procrastination, read and reviewed at least a few dozen self-help books that claim to explain ‘How to Write Your Dissertation’, usually fast.   One panic stricken day, full of anxiety and overwhelm, I saw this book – the destination diss covercover and catchy title is perhaps the reason why I never picked it up before.   But I was desperate and my pride, which was now a mound of defeat and worry,  was put aside and I grabbed the book.   I glanced over the  Contents;  then after noting some promising titles and subtitles, I jumped passed the usual ‘thank you everyone and the kitchen sink section’, and  started to swiftly scan the introductory Chapter One:  Preparing to Go:  The dissertation Journey.

As corny as the title may seem, I found myself slowing down and reading each sentence, each line, every word.  Okay, so as is the case with many academics – regardless of which step or how many years or how much affluence – I rarely neither take the time nor thought it wise to read anything this slowly or with so much interest and purpose, at least since grade school and perhaps The Catcher and Rye.  The conversational and witty style of Foss and Waters presents the journey of the dissertation in a smart yet assessable fashion.  They are both funny and poignant, and often ‘throwout’ direct ‘digs’ on the usual existence of an ABD – wagging war against procrastination and excuses.  Their humor which – aside from the intentions of the author – makes for an enjoyable read! Oh, and you won’t feel like you are a moron – at least not one that is alone on your journey!

Now, let’s get to the point.  Like any good research scientist,  I have decided to do an experiment.  I want to get a random sample (all of you) and another sample directly from my department (I will more fully be able to account for certain variables) and test this 29 Step Method.
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My Journey

Shelby Manney – PhD :