0.0 – LITERATURE REVIEW MODULE: The Review Process


A little about the Daily Academic Courses & Programs:

As I embark on different research endeavors, I will create a program (Larger Projects or Ideas – like a dissertation or Grant Writing) or module (one part of a larger program or project – like a literature review or proposal) for that project type.  Like this one, which is going to be the LITERATURE REVIEW MODULE.  That means that you can either follow along as I am going through it, or if you are coming to the module after it has been completed, just start from the beginning and go through it yourself.  From time to time I will update each program .


For the Literature Review Module, then, you will see these badges that will indicate your where you are in the Module.  Once the Daily Academic has a member login (hopefully sometime in July 2014), you will be able to collect these badges along with other super neat certificates, awards, and files!  Don’t worry if you complete this module before we launch the members area,  we will have a easy way for us to give you credit for all your hard work.  To make this easier for us, make sure to comment,  answers the exercise assignments, and progress on your project.  You can do this by simply posting your these in the comment section on each part of module. For now, these badges will just give you an indication of where you stand in the module or program.  

BADGES for Literature Review Module:




Getting Started

Before we delve into the first step, I think we need to make sure we really understand exactly were we are going and how we are going to get there!  Also, we need to make sure that we have everything we need to make the journey as easy as possible.

The Badge Dashboard is a perfect place to start!  So Click here or on the badge below to get there :)!





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